Serving The Good Shepherd Parish and the Lord

Ministries are a wonderfully rewarding experience, offering you a chance to serve and also to receive in turn. They can help you to feel more connected within The Good Shepherd Parish, not only allowing you to get to know the people and the staff at the church but also yourself and your relationship with God. Ministries are an important component of a Parish, as they offer another opportunity to live in the image of God, helping those around us and spreading the word of the Gospel. 

Rosters and ministries for all ages

The Good Shepherd Parish has a range of ministries to help you get involved for the hood of the parish and the faith. These ministries include:
  • Lectors
  • Children’s liturgy 
  • Altar servers
  • Bible studies 
Click on the links below to view the monthly rosters for 2017

Mass Times

Christmas Mass Times
Mass is held each day at The Good Shepherd church. We delight in welcoming all who choose to belong to our friendly congregation. Our mass times are as follows: 
English Masses*
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 9am
Wed: 7.30pm (Novena)
Saturday: 8am & 6pm (Vigil)
Sunday: 7am, 9am & 6pm
Spanish Mass
Saturday: 7.30pm
Vietnamese Mass 
Sunday: 12:00pm
Saturdays: 11:00am - 12:00pm noon (also by appointment)
Mass and Adoration 
First Friday of each month: 7.30pm 

* Note: The 6:00 am weekday Masses have been suspended until further notice.

To make an appointment, contact the Parish on (02) 9832 4461 or visit us!

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