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The Good Shepherd Parish team

The Good Shepherd Parish is administered by Capuchin Franciscan Friars, an order of Friars of the Catholic Church. There are also three religious orders of nuns within the parish: the Ursulines, Marist Missionary Sisters and Franciscan Immaculatine Sisters. Since its establishment back in 1970, the parish has been blessed with the presence and guidance of 10 wonderful Reverends and administrators, each contributing to the spiritual innovation and growth of the Parish we now
share together today. 

Groups within the Parish community 

The Parish is survived through a variety of groups, made up of our wonderful parishioners. From those which undertake tasks with The Good Shepherd Church itself in order to facilitate our services, to those in the wider community which foster living with Gospel values, there are a range of groups for parishioners of all ages to join. These include:
  • Choir group
  • Youth groups
  • Antioch
  • Legion of Mary
  • Saint Vincent de Paul
  • Couples For Christ
  • Filipino community
  • Santo Nino Festival
  • Samoan community
  • Indian community
  • Sri Lankan community
  • Vietnamese community
  • Spanish community
  • Charismatic Prayer Group
  • Hospitality
  • Welcome Table
  • Little Lambs Playgroup
  • Sewing Circle
  • Our Lady of Fatima Group
  • Lenten Gospel discussion groups
  • Junior Legion of Mary
  • Life Ascending
We always welcome others along the way, journeying with God, so please contact us if you would like to become part of a Parish group. 

Parish Gallery

Share in the joy of the services, celebrations and gatherings held in the Parish through our Parish Photo Gallery. From baptisms to weddings, there is always something to praise god for. Take a look!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any Parish information on (02) 9832 4461

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