Church services for The Good Shepherd Parish

We of The Good Shepherd are delighted to share in many important occasions and services which bring you and your family closer to God. By choosing to baptise a child, receive a sacrament or enter into marriage, you are creating and strengthening your relationship with God and with the church. Our Parish community is here to provide support and guidance to you and your family on your journey through life as a child of God. 


Baptism is a simple ceremony, where the person or child is immersed in water. It has been practiced by Christians since the time of Jesus. Baptism is the sacrament via which a person becomes part of God’s family. Baptism should take place in a public church service on a Sunday, as this is when the family of God meet, allowing the whole congregation to witness the admission to the Church and welcome them. Other times for Baptism can be discussed with the Parish Priest.

Sacramental Program

The Sacraments are usually undertaken with the help of the Parish primary schools. Our sacramental program is based on the principles from the Catholic Education Office approved Sacramental Books. Reconciliation is celebrated each year for children in Grade 3. First Communion is celebrated each year for children in Grade 4. Confirmation is celebrated each year for Grade 6 students. School teachers and parish members will assist families to fulfill the obligation of forming their children in their faith. 


Our beautiful church building is surrounded by green grass and beautiful trees. It is a wonderful location for a wedding service to take place with prayers and God’s blessing.
We at The Good Shepherd are delighted that you wish to enter into marriage and we want only the very best for your union. Our marriage preparation aims to prepare you for the journey of marriage with God at the centre.

Communion to housebound and sick members of the community

Communion to housebound members of the parish community can be arranged at necessary for your situation. Communion for members of the community who have fallen ill takes place after Mass on Sunday and at other times, as per their convenience.

Call us on (02) 9832 4461 today to organise an appointment 

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